About Viviyona

Name : Viviyona Apriani (フィフィヨナ・アプリアニ)
Birthdate : April 13, 1994
Blood Type : B
Height : 154 cm
Birthplace : Bogor, Indonesia
Nickname : Yona, Vivi, Kak Yona, #MinYon
Jikousokai : Pemimpi yang pantang menyerah, namaku Yona (The dreamer who refuse to give up, I’m Yona)
Trivia :
  • Her favorite Anime are Durarara, Ao No Excorcist and Evangelion.
  • Before joining JKT48 she was a cosplayer
  • Her oshimen in AKB48 is Shimazaki Haruka
  • Close friends with Jennifer Hanna
  • Have an official webseries with Lidya Maulida Djuhandar called K3PoinOshi,the series is about trivias of Team KIII members
  • Says that her weakness is her shyness
  • Wants to become a traveler in the future
  • Her favorite word is “dreams”
  • Her favorite memory in JKT48 was the first day of performing the ‘Pajama Drive’ stage
  • Says if she was reborn as a boy, she’d want to try karate
  • Wants to challenge herself in JKT48 and find her own character
  • Is a Japanese Literature major in college
  • Is skilled at art and drawing
  • Likes to make soup
  • Jokes that people think she’s airheaded because of her frequent blank stares.

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